The Joint Statement of the APEC Ministerial meeting in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, stated"Ministers welcomed the APEC OVOP Seminar held in Ha Noi, Vietnam in September 2006" and "Ministers encouraged continuous efforts by all members in this regard."

In order to respond swiftly to the directions from Ministers at Ha Noi regarding activities in promoting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs, and to contribute to the development of APEC regions, Japan will organize the second OVOP Seminar in Kyushu, Japan, in October 2007.

OVOP movement was initiated in 1979 in Oita Prefecture, Japan. OVOP was intended to nurture potential products/industries, to promote autonomy and willingnes amoungst regional people, and to prevent depopulation in Oita Prefecture.


The seminar aimed to:

  • Build the capacity of governments and private sectors which are involved in the development of local and cottage industries through sharing experiences and know-how of i) promoting "One Village One Product" movement which was originated and developed in Japan, ii) improving the potential of regional resources especially through tourism, and iii) promoting local industries through intersectoral cooperation.
  • Provide the opportunity for the participants to have firsthand experience of OVOP movement in Japan where the movement was initiated and is still being vigorously promoted. What are the lessons learnt, the ongoing efforts and future development plans? The Participants will have opportunities to see for themselves the current situation of the movement, as well as the marketing efforts and the quality of products sold in the Japanese market.
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to share ideas and discuss how to pursue the promotion of OVOP or SME products in the constantly and rapidly changing world market, and for different situations faced by each economy.
*Abbreviation List
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
OVOP One Village and One Product
SMEs Small and Medium Enterprises