I. Overview of Phu Nghia commune

1. The geographical position

Phu Nghia commune is located in Chuong My District. It is 5 km away from the district center, 15 km away from the province center and 27 km away from Hanoi center. The national road number 6 linking Hanoi Capital and Hoa Binh province and Northern West mountainous area also goes through Phu Nghia commune.

With all these advantages, Phu Nghia plays an important geographical role for political and economic security. The length of Phu Vinh commune is up to 3.5km.

2. The area

The total area is 810.56 hectare, in which:

3. Population and labour: (data updated on 31st December, 2004)

There are 2,028 household with 4,935 persons out of 9,251 are in the labour age.

4. Population distribution

There are 7 hamlets and 10 complex which is devided into 10 adminnistrative hamlets. They are Dong Tru, Nghia Hao, Khe Than, Quan Cham, Phu Huu 1, Phu Huu 2, Phu Vinh. Phu Vinh hamlet is devided into 4 small parts: Thuong, Ha, Go Dau and Dam Bung.

5. Households producing rattan products for export

The households producing rattan products for export occupy 85% of the total number. Those households contribute to create more jobs, and to improve the living standard of the local population. At present the poor household have decreased to 5.34%, the rich households are account for 37.5% and 57.16% occupies the medium-income households.

6. Companies, enterprises and cooperative groups in the commune

  1. Companies and enterprises: 25 companies limited, enterprises and cooperative groups in which 17 enterprises and cooperative groups take part in producing rattan and bamboo for export, 8 enterprises do business on farm produce etc.
  2. There are 15 enterprises operate in rattan and bamboo products for export.

7. Handicraft trade village development

All of 7 villages in Ha Tay provinces were recognized as handicraft trade village by the People Committee of Ha Tay in October, 2004. Phu Vinh was recognized to be a traditional handicraft trade village in 2000. There are two cultural villages which were recognized twice, and two communal houses were reckoned as historical monument of Ha Tay province.

8. Health and education

There is one medical station located in the center of the commune. There are one secondary school, primary school and one kinder garden-national standard in the commune.

9. Social activities

There are many associations in Phu Nghia commune with a lot of social activities.