I. Overview of Phu Nghia commune

  1. The geographical position
  2. The area
  3. Population and labour: (data updated on 31st December, 2004)
  4. Population distribution
  5. Households producing rattan products for export:
  6. Companies, enterprises and cooperative groups in the commune
  7. Handicraft trade village development
  8. Health and education:
  9. Social activities

II. Economic development - Investment for infra structure and handicraft trade village

  1. Total income of four years (2001- 2004) and the first quarter of 2005
  2. Investment for infrastructure in the past few years
  3. The formulation and development process of the handicraft trade village

III. Phu Vinh handicraft trade village and its history

  1. How was the name of Phu Vinh born?
  2. History of Phu Vinh handicraft trade village
  3. Biographies and stories of artisans in Phu Vinh village
    1. Nguyen Van Trung, an artisan in rattan and bamboo weaving industry
    2. Nguyen Trong Tan, a 86 year old artisan
    3. Nguyen Van Tinh artisan