Presentation from Each Group
"The Vision of Handicraft and Tourism Development
in Vietnam in 5 years"

Sunway Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Outputs from the Group Discussion

Further to the presentation from the feasibility study team in the morning, small group discussions were held for 90 minutes with 3 groups consisting of participants divided at random. The discussion topic was "The Vision of Handicraft and Tourism Development in Vietnam in 5 Years" and the participants discussed and exchanged the opinions based on their own expertise and background as artisans, local authorities, government officers, tour operators and university faculties.

The followings are the presentaion summary of Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3.

Group 1: Ms. Hoang Thi Lan Huong, Vice Dean of Tourism and Hospitality Faculty, NEU

The group consisted of tour operators and some artisans. The following are the suggestions.

Raising awareness:

Training programmes:
Field trip:

Group 2: Mr Dinh Truong Sinh, A Leader of Ninh Hai People Committee

The group focused more on the issues related to embroidery village.

Comments on the handicraft and tourism development: Networking: Workshop and trainings: Investment and external support: Others:

Group 3: Mr Trang Ba Kham, A Leader of Phu Vinh People Committee

Products development: Raising Awareness: Trainings and workshop: Investment and external support: Others: