The Questionaires to the Tour Operators

Prior to workshop, the "Craft Village Tourism Survey" was distributed to the tour operators for the purpose of researching on the overall awareness of handicraft villages as tour destinations and collecting the criteria of market standards for the tour destinations when developing new tour programmes. The questionnaires were distributed to the 20 tour companies of potential workshop participants in Hanoi and half of them has been collected. The complete form of questionnaire is attached here.

Analysis of Questionnaire Results

1) Does your company currently promote half day or full day car/bus tours to the following destinations?

-If you have a programme to other craft villages, please list them:
[Van Phuc (Silk Village-near Hanoi) 4, Bat Trang (Ceramic Village) 5, a village in Danag, Dong Ho (Bac Ninh) 2, Dong Trece (Ceramic Village), Dong Ky]


The percentage of tour companies that already have tours to Phu Vinh or Nin Binh was relatively low. But 8 out of 9 companies currently hold programmes to a few handicraft villages, particularly to Bat Trang ceramic village.

2) If you answered NO to Question # 1 (e.g. Phu Vinh and Van Lam Villages) then please explain why?

-Our company does not simply include these villages to our programme so far
-Local people usually ask our customers with insistence to buy their handicrafts, sometimes even cheat them
-Lack of information about destination and products


Since most operators answered YES to the previous question, the response rate of this question was low. However there are some comments to be noted. As the reasons of not having the craft village as tour destinations, one company mentioned a lack of information on those villages.

3) If you promote tours to the craft villages mentioned above, what components would you think are important?
(multiple choice )


The result shows the tour operators are more interested in creating a quick tour, such as one day-trip, to the villages which have good atmosphere and good quality of handicrafts, and combining with other destinations. Since the criteria of accommodation, restaurants and festivals are quite low, tour operators are not foreseeing the staying-over or long-stay type of tours for Phu Vinh or Van Lam village at the moment.

4) Please make any additional comments or suggestion