Greetings from the Chairman

Asia SEED has been committed, since the time of its predecessor Japan Indonesia Science and Technology Forum (JIF), to enhanceinternational cooperation in higher education between many countries, particularly in Asia, and Japan. Through collaboration with the government of Japan and other countries, we lead innovation in the field by facilitatingmany first projects including Japan’s international aid loan for overseasstudents project, educational exchange organization (EEO) projects, twining/double degree programs to name a few. We also coordinated joint research based university capacity development projects, and innovative entrepreneur education programs.

Asia today is the dynamic place of growth in the world, where it renews itself day by day. Japan is no longer the only country with economic power in the region. The key to survival and prosperity of the nation lies in the way how we can progress and co-exist with the growing Asian countries. In this light, therefore, it is becoming more and more important for Japan to contribute human resource development overseas and also raise the Japanese certain skills to play active roles in the global settings.

Through our service with expertise in the field of international cooperation in higher education, we move forward aiming to contribute Japan to grow its presence as a trusted and respected partner in Asia and around the world, and to further develop human resource network betweenJapan and Asia. It is my sincerest wish that our work will be vital contribution to achieve these goals and AsiaSEED and its people will be remembered with our dedication.

Chairman, Board of Directors
Masahiro HAMANO