For educational institutes

Asia SEED, including its predecessor, the Japan-Indonesia Science and Technology Forum (JIF), has supported the acceptance of international students in Japan for over 35 years. In addition, in partnership with educational institutions and governments at home and abroad, we have been committed to the establishment of higher education institutions and research institutes in other countries, as well as to multilateral joint research projects. The scope of cooperation started with Indonesia, and has expanded to include Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, and now the whole world. We utilize our many years of experience to provide comprehensive services for educational institutions and international students.

Support for Studying in Japan

For students from all over the world who wish to study in Japan, we provide various support activities throughout the study abroad cycle, such as selection of Japanese universities and training institutes, coordination between local related organizations and Japanese institutes, assistance with application and enrollment procedures, assistance with procedures related to immigration to Japan, implementation of counseling and orientation before coming to Japan, and academic monitoring and counseling during their stay in Japan. We have established a system in which international students can stay in Japan with peace of mind and concentrate on their studies and training at each institution.

Establish and strengthen universities

We started with the exchange of science, culture and education specialists from Japan and Indonesia, and have expanded our business to accept international students in Japan. From this experience, we came to the conclusion that in order to develop many high-quality human resources, it is essential not only to study abroad but also to strengthen local educational institutions.
Currently, in cooperation with Japanese educational institutions, researchers, and government agencies, we support the implementation of projects to strengthen and improve higher education institutions through international joint research, exchange of teachers and researchers, curriculum improvement, organizational improvement, and capacity development in order to develop human resources in industries, education and research, and the public sector, which are needed in each country.


It is of great significance for the future development of Japan that young people from other countries and Japan become good friends who can respect each other through education. We plan and operate problem-solving training programs that foster the ability of Japanese students to learn together with entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia and to play an active role in the global arena, utilizing our accumulated network of governments, industries, and educational and research institutions around the world. The headquarters in Tokyo also accepts internships for Japanese university students.