Asia accounts for some 60% of the world’s population and shows strong movements toward regional economic integration and globalization. Moreover, a “Neo Middle Class” who have received higher education have emerged along with the rapid development of scientific technologies due to the economic globalization. Those who are the “Neo Middle Class” have started to form new identities.

This high economic growth is very meaningful for the further development of Japan. There are an increasing number of people thriving for a better quality and higher level of education and Japanese people become respected friends through education. Asia SEED think that the following two activities are very important for the future of Japan:

  1. Develop a path to make the best use of the gigantic higher education resources in Japan to meet the demand of human resource development
  2. By providing Japanese youngsters with opportunities to work with excellent personnel in Asia, develop competency that can be fully utilized in Asia in the new phase of regional integration

Asia SEED’s mission is to function as media, guide, bridge or coordinator to achieve the above activities.