For governmental agencies

Asia SEED has been entrusted with development projects mainly by Japanese ministries and agencies, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the governments of developing countries, and it provides various support for sustainable development in developing countries. As an expert in the field of education in development assistance, particularly in the fields of higher education and human resource development, we provide high-quality consulting services based on its wealth of experience in overseas operations over many years, while meeting the development stage and issues to be solved in developing countries.

Support for Studying in Japan

Based on the "300,000 International Students Plan", which aims to accept 300,000 international students by 2020, various programs are being implemented by the Japanese government, including the provision of information on studying abroad to young people in other countries, the selection of government-sponsored international students, the strengthening of relations with overseas students who have returned to their home countries after studying in Japan.
On the other hand, in developing countries, it has been pointed out that while the demand for industrial human resources development has increased along with economic growth and the higher education sector has continued to expand quantitatively, the improvement in quality has not been kept up.
Asia SEED offers, mainly through ODA projects, select Japanese universities and training institutions for students who wish to study in Japan, coordination between relevant local institutions and Japanese institutions, assistance with application and enrollment procedures, assistance with procedures related to immigration to Japan, implementation of counseling and orientation before arriving in Japan, and academic monitoring and counseling and lifestyle support during their stay in Japan.

Research and Study

We have a rich research track record in the field of education. In particular, in the field of higher education and human resource development, we have been highly evaluated in many countries around the world, including Asia. In order to accurately grasp policy trends and local conditions in Japan and other countries around the world, and to develop concrete human resources development plans and policies, and to lead to business formation, we investigate, collect information, and analyze issues related to education, science and technology, culture, economy, and industry, and make recommendations based on these.


In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting Japan has been increasing. In light of the establishment of the new statuses of residence of "Specified Skills No. 1" and "Specified Skills No. 2" (enforced in April 2019), the Comprehensive Measures for the Acceptance and Co-existence of Foreign Human Resources, which was decided in December 2018, set forth the direction that Japan should aim to achieve a society in which Japanese and foreign nationals can live safely and with peace of mind by properly accepting foreign human resources and realizing a society in which they live in harmony with each other.
To date, we have provided support for international students to find employment in Japan and conduct internships, mainly through ODA projects. In the internship implementation support, we are working to find various recipients such as Japanese companies, central ministries and agencies, and local governments, match students, prepare guidelines for international students and host institutions, make arrangements for accommodation, transportation, and internship insurance, and respond to emergencies during internships. In the area of employment support, we hold job fairs to provide opportunities to match foreign students with companies that want to hire excellent foreign personnel.