For private sectors

Asia SEED has extensive experience not only in development projects commissioned by public and educational institutions, but also in international student support services and research services commissioned by private companies. As an expert in the fields of education and human resource development in development assistance, and as a support institution that has provided support to many government-sponsored international students, we offer high-quality consulting services.

Support for Studying in Japan

In today's world where companies are expanding overseas, there is a general trend toward the localization of overseas companies. Localization of human resources is essential for overseas companies to take root locally, but on the other hand, it is difficult to secure excellent human resources locally. As part of our efforts to develop excellent human resources in the host country, we are gradually expanding our overseas study support programs around the world, in which companies grant scholarships to students and provide them with opportunities to study in Japan, and in which students transfer their knowledge and experience gained in Japan back to the host country. In addition, an increasing number of private companies are offering scholarships to local students as part of their CSR activities.
We provide support for the operation of a comprehensive scholarship program, through international scholarship programs to study at Japanese universities, including selection of universities to apply for, assistance with application and admission procedures, immigration procedures, counseling and orientation before coming to Japan, and academic monitoring and counseling during our stay in Japan.

Research and Study

We have a rich research track record in the field of education, and in particular, in the field of higher education and human resource development, we are highly evaluated in many countries around the world, including Asia. In order to accurately grasp policy trends and local conditions in Japan and other countries around the world, and to develop concrete human resources development plans and policies, and to lead to business formation, we investigate, collect information, and analyze issues related to education, science and technology, culture, economy, and industry, and make recommendations based on these.


We have a rich network of not only universities in Japan but also government agencies, industries, and educational and research institutions around the world, and we are constantly developing them. We have contributed to the promotion of local research and development through successful joint research, industry-academia collaboration, and exchange projects between Japanese companies and leading educational and research institutions around the world. As an intermediary between our clients and partner organizations, we coordinate, negotiate, and make recommendations to support the formation of joint ventures.