2020 Thematic Evaluation: Analysis of Evaluation Methods for JICA Scholarship Programs

Category : Research and Study

Area : Africa

Period : 2020/9 - 2021/8

Client : Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Scholarship programs at the JICA have been expanding. However, ex-post evaluations for these programs have been conducted only to a limited extent. From the perspective of external accountability and program improvement, there is a growing need to evaluate these scholarship programs in an appropriate manner, making it necessary for us to consider evaluation methodology and evaluation criteria that take into account the characteristics of JICA scholarship programs, such as the existence of a long delay before program impacts become observable.

Against this background, this thematic evaluation study was conducted to review existing evaluation methodologies for scholarship programs and examine evaluation criteria and methodology used in JICA scholarship programs through case studies with the goal of making recommendations regarding future evaluations of JICA scholarship programs.