Preparatory Survey on Vietnam-Japan University Campus Construction Project in The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Period : 2021/4 - 2022/5

Client : JICA

It was indicated that the shortage of middle-level management staff and technical staff was occurred in Vietnam because only 30% of all the working population were educated or trained at higher education institutes. Although the number of higher education institutes has been increasing recently, it is identified that the quality of education and research is still low due to the lack of budget, equipment and teachers. In order to tackle this problem, the government of Vietnam determined to increase both quantity and quality of higher education institutes and establish an internationally renowned university as the model university for other higher education institutes in Vietnam. The government of Vietnam asked Japan for supports to establish the world-level university, which led to the establishment of Vietnam-Japan University under Vietnam National University, Hanoi with 6 master degree programs in 2016 (As of 2021, it has 8 master degree programs; regional research, global leadership, public strategy, business administration, social infrastructure, nanotechnology, climate change, environmental engineering, and an undergraduate program; Japan study).

There are only approximately 230 students enrolling as of April 2021, however, the number of students will increase rapidly in the near future as there will be more programs (undergrad, master, and Ph.D.) starting soon (3,000 students in 2025, 6,000 in 2030). According to the increase in quantity, VJU plans to construct a new campus in Hoa Lac and relocate there from city center of Hanoi by 2026. This preparatory survey is in charge of the assessment of infrastructure and university management for the relocation.

For infrastructure survey, construction, natural/soil condition, attention to society/environment, procurement of equipment, etc. are supposed to be assessed. Regarding university management, educational plan, accounting, economic analysis, university administration, etc. are surveyed.

Asia SEED joins this project as the consultant of university management. Based on the social needs assessment conducted by the other project, we modify the current medium-long term development policy of VJU and suggest the adequate management/administration system (organizational structure, capacity development, quality assurance, etc.).