Oman-Sumitomo Scholarship Program

Period : 2018/10 - 2025

Client : 住友商事株式会社

It is identified that one of the urgent issues is human resource development in Oman. Sumitomo Corporation Middle East FZE established Oman-Sumitomo Scholarship Program in 2018 in order to provide Omani students with a chance to study in japan. This scholarship program aims to nurture human resources as global leaders to cooperate on friendship and mutual-understanding between Japan and Oman and work for the next generation in Oman by providing financial support (tuition fee at master degree program in Japan, living expenses, airfare, etc.).

Asia SEED provides the following supports under this scholarship program.

  1. Confirmation on priority areas of Ministry of Higher Education, Oman and study area of each scholarship recipient, investigation on the potential graduate programs/courses of Japanese universities, and list-up of application schedule, application materials, and screening methods
  2. Support on preparation of application (application materials, communication with potential supervisor, entrance exam in Japan, etc.)
  3. Support on admission procedures with Japanese universities
  4. Support to scholarship recipients before/after departure to Japan (flight schedule, housing in Japan, public procedures in Japan such as residential registration, national health, insurance, etc.)
  5. Emergency response
  6. Periodic monitoring on academic/daily life

The first batch student started study in Japan in September 2019. Every year scholarship recipients come to Japan to study at prestigious national/private universities.