Higher Education Sector Cooperation Planning Survey in Egypt Scholarship Program

Category : Research and Study

Area : Africa / Egypt

Period : 2016/3 - 2017/2

Client : JICA

Under the sustainable development strategy “Egypt Vision 2030”, education and trainings were identified as the most prioritized field in Egypt. In response to this development strategy, the government of Japan expressed provision of supports in the field of higher education, basic education, and health and medicine in Egypt under Egypt-Japan Education Partnership (EJEP). This project was conducted as the preparatory survey (data collection survey) before the implementation support project. It identified the current status and issues in the field of three target fields in Egypt, investigated supports from other international donors, set future goals, and developed supporting plans based on the expectations from Egypt side. Also, it formulated the base of the implementation support project by conducting data collection on the status of acceptance of Egyptian students and workers at universities, hospitals, and working sites in Japan, requesting Japanese universities to develop capacity enhancement programs, and consultation with multiple stakeholders.

Consultants were dispatched to Egypt 8 times in total to collect data on universities, primary schools, hospitals, governmental organizations in Egypt by conducting meetings with counterparts (Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Basic Education, etc.) and inspections at local organizations. Based on the information obtained as such, concrete components of implementation support plan were developed with Egyptian counterparts.

  • Higher Education: Encouraging interaction and partnerships between Japanese and Egyptian universities and dispatch of Egyptian students (master and Ph.D.) to Japan and raising the level of education and research in Egypt through short/long-term study abroad programs, partnerships between universities, etc.
  • Basic Education: Training human resources who can be responsible for the curriculum development for primary schools in Egypt through inspection at Japanese primary schools and capacity enhancement at Japanese universities, and disseminating Egypt-Japan schools providing Japanese-style education all over Egypt
  • Health and Medicine: Raising the level of medical technic in Egypt and developing medical human resources for the reformation of medical system through OJT at Japanese hospitals under Advanced Clinical Training and capacity development at Japanese universities

Also, consultants visited more than 50 institutes (universities, hospitals, research institutes) in Japan for the data collection and requesting the development of capacity enhancement programs. Data collection under this preparatory survey successfully led to the following implementation support project (Implementation Support for the Egypt-Japan Education Partnership: Human Resource Development Project (EJEP-HRDP) in the Arab Republic of Egypt).