Implementation Support for the Egypt-Japan Education Partnership: Human Resource Development Project (EJEP-HRDP) in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Period : 2017/2 - 2019/2

Client : JICA

Under the sustainable development strategy “Egypt Vision 2030”, education and trainings were identified as the most prioritized field in Egypt. In response to this development strategy, the government of Japan expressed provision of supports in the field of higher education, basic education, and health and medicine in Egypt under Egypt-Japan Education Partnership (EJEP). This project was conducted both in Japan and Egypt in order to provide Egypt side with concrete implementation supports planned under Higher Education Sector Cooperation Planning Survey in Egypt Scholarship Program.
Meetings were held with Egyptian counterparts and discussions were conducted with Japanese organizations (universities, hospitals, research institutes) for the development of programs which fulfill the expectations of Egyptian side. Our coordination of stakeholders/implementing agencies both in Japan and Egypt successfully led to the fist dispatch of Egyptian students to Japanese universities under this project in 2017. Total number of dispatched students/trainees under this project during our assignment was approximately 160. The goal of our assignment was accomplished as we successfully set the project on track.

Consultants were dispatched to Egypt 18 times in total in order to have meetings with counterparts on concrete program components in the field of higher education, basic education, and health and medicine, develop implementation manuals and schedule, calculate budget, support scholarship selection, etc. Components of each program were agreed as below.

  • Higher Education (Dispatch 540 students in total): Degree Program (Master, Ph.D., 2-3 Years), Short-term Study Abroad Program (Undergraduate, Master, 1 Month/6 Months/1 Year), Joint Supervision (Ph.D., 6 Months), Joint Research (Postdoc, 6 Months)
  • Basic Education (Dispatch 680 trainees in total): 4 training programs were developed (Tokkatsu & School Governance Management, Tokkatsu + Activities, Tokkatsu & Learning Improvement (Lesson Study), Tokkatsu & Early Childhood Education)
  • Health and Medicine (Dispatch 260 trainees in total): 3 training programs were developed (Nursing Management & Leadership, Hospital Management, Emergency Pre-Hospital Care). Also, OJT through Advance Clinical Training was also coordinated at hospitals in japan

In the latter half of the assignment, the consultants worked not only as the coordinator between Japanese and Egyptian stakeholders but also co-director of the Project Management Unit and encouraged the project implementation. Provision of support by JICA was over in February 2019 and the project is currently being implemented with the initiative of Egyptian side.