Short-Term Training for Indonesian Public Officials


Asia SEED has conducted an online short-term training program called “Management and Development of Human Resources of Civil Servants at the era of Digital Transformation (DX)” for public officials of Indonesian Government from November 15 to 19, 2021.

This program was commissioned by BAPPENAS (National Planning Development Agency), Government of the Republic of Indonesia. It aimed to deepen participants’ understanding of human resource management and development in response to the digital society, and to draw on Japanese initiatives in particular to formulate, systemize, and implement policies to improve human resource management and development in the Indonesian public sector.

22 participants take lectures on Japan’s civil service human resources system, the role of government officials in the DX era, and the use of ICT tools in human resource management. While the lectures were provided online, group work was conducted on-site as participants gathered at a hotel in Bandung.