Project for Future Researchers at IITH to Enhance Network Development with Scholarship of Japan (FRIENDSHIP)

Period : 2019/4 - 2022/3

Client : Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

This project provides various supports for industry-academia collaboration and network building between the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) and Japanese companies with the aim of strengthening human resource development in science and technology for the further socioeconomic development of India and meeting the needs of industry. For instance, JICA provides scholarships to IITH graduates to study in master's and doctoral programs at Japanese universities.
Asia SEED plans and implements an annual job fair to help FRIENDSHIP students find a job in Japan, and organizes internship programs. We also conduct regular academic and daily life monitoring during their stay in Japan so that they can complete their degrees and contribute to the further development of India. After their graduation, some students return to India to contribute to the development of their home countries, while others have found jobs in Japan, making use of what they learned and experienced in Japan for two to three years and contributing to the establishment of industry-academia collaboration between the two countries.

1. Internship

FRIENDSHIP students can participate in an internship for two weeks to one month while they are in Japan to deepen their knowledge of Japan, especially Japanese professional ethics and culture, and Japanese industry through work experience at Japanese companies or research institutes, and to help them formulate their future career plans.

Asia SEED matches them with host companies, arranges accommodation and transportation, and handles emergencies. Some of the companies that have accepted them have commented, “we were impressed by their knowledge level that exceeded the standard level and their ability to communicate frankly” and “it was the first time for us to accept foreign students in our company, but it not only helped us with our work, but also gave us a chance to become more positive about hiring foreign human resources.”

2. Job Support

Asia SEED is planning and implementing an annual job fair called “CONNECT-IITH”, and many Japanese companies and FRIENDSHIP students participate in the event.

Asia SEED is planning, preparing, and operating the program on the day of the event.

〈CONNECT-IITH 2019〉(Japanese)

〈CONNECT-IITH 2020〉(Japanese)

Job Fair for International Students of the FRIENDSHIP Project