Operational Support Services for JICA “the Human Resources Development for Governmental Officers and Researchers in Mineral Resources Rich Countries (KIZUNA)” has been started


“KIZUNA” is JICA’s long-term training program launched in 2014 to develop human resources in the mining sector in developing countries, and aims to support sustainable development in the mining and geothermal sectors in developing countries and contribute a stable supply of mineral resources for Japan. KIZUNA takes in 20 to 30 new long-term participants annually from developing countries, who study in master’s or doctoral programs at Japanese universities. In February 2022, Asia SEED was entrusted by JICA to serve as an operational support organization for the program. We are mainly responsible for supporting the selection of participants, orientation programs, short-term programs in summer and spring, internships, programs before returning to their home countries, monitoring after returning to their home countries, and publishing newsletters.

Reference: KIZUNA Brochure